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The Intel Security Advanced Threat Research Team has discovered a critical signature forgery vulnerability in the Mozilla Network Security Services (NSS) crypto library that could allow malicious parties to set up fraudulent sites masquerading as legitimate businesses and other organizations. The Mozilla NSS library, commonly utilized in the Firefox web browser, can also be found […]

On March 24, Microsoft released Security Advisory 2953095 for Microsoft Word. In-the-wild exploitation of this vulnerability has been observed across limited, targeted attacks. The flaw is a memory-corruption vulnerability that can be invoked when parsing specially crafted RTF files or data. Successful exploitation can give an attacker the ability to run arbitrary code (via remote […]

Target. Neiman Marcus. These are just two of the very latest victims of today’s increasingly stealthy threats permeating our cyber world.  My post last month entitled, Stolen Data: Network Security Can Ensure You’re Not a Target, described the attacks that attempted to exfiltrate data from 110 million American consumers. Advanced persistent threats (APTs) were responsible […]