On April 8, the takedown operation for the polymorphic botnet known as Beebone successfully concluded. This action redirected traffic from infected hosts to a sinkhole operated by the Shadowserver Foundation. In addition to halting additional infections and the continued morphing of the W32/Worm-AAEH worm, the sinkhole allows McAfee Labs and other partners in the takedown […]

Relentless innovation. It’s a powerful phrase. And it’s what we’re about at Intel. Increasing threats in cyber security call for relentless innovation and solutions that allow us to protect the world’s digital space in every facet of computing by integrating security into all of our devices. That’s where Intel comes in. From processors to smart […]

10 years ago, many of us were hearing about social media for the first time. Now, social media plays a giant role in our lives, allowing us to share pictures, connect with family and friends, and get updated news. Through social media, we can express ourselves to our inner circle and the world. So how […]

Last week, our team worked with several global law enforcement agencies to take down a botnet known as “Beebone.” Beebone is an example of polymorphic malware – malware that changes its form and even control servers with every new infection. This is the epitome of zero-day malware because the typical artifacts used to write signatures […]

It’s mid-April and that means it’s time for the yearly Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR). The report is one of the most exhaustive in the security industry, and analyzes data from 70 contributing partners (including Intel Security). It’s one of the clearest pictures we have of the previous year’s security incidents and breaches. And, […]