In light of the nature of recent breaches and phishing attacks seen in the news, it’s increasingly clear that cybercriminals do not necessarily require substantial technical knowledge to achieve their objectives. The use of social engineering techniques has become a significant and wide- spread means of deploying malicious attacks on the Internet to obtain sensitive […]

On May 7 I had the pleasure of standing in for Gavin Struthers on the Q2 Global Partner webcast. Thanks to everyone who attended. If you missed out, you can watch the replay on the Intel Security Partner Program portal. It’s a great recap of program updates, company news, and new resources. In Q1, bookings […]

United States tax records tell the story of your previous-year finances and contain some of your most sensitive personal data. For most of us, having these files in cybercriminals’ hands would be a nightmare. For more than 100,000 American households this tax season, it was a reality. A recent security incident involving the IRS application, […]

En caso de que usted no se haya dado cuenta, le debe a la Ley de Moore una tarjeta de cumpleaños atrasada. El célebre teorema, que estableció el ritmo de evolución de la industria de la tecnología postulando que el poder de cómputo se duplicaría cada año, cumplió 50 años este año. Nosotros en la […]

Caso não tenha notado, você deve à Lei de Moore um cartão de aniversário atrasado. O famoso teorema, que marcou o ritmo de evolução do setor de tecnologia postulando que a capacidade computacional dobraria a cada ano, completou 50 anos em 2015. Nós do setor de tecnologia devemos muito à Lei de Moore, que nos […]