We’re now almost two months into 2015 and the Intel Security Partner Program is off to a good start. We’ve consolidated solutions competencies, created new specializations, and simplified enablement and training. Last week, Gavin Struthers, senior vice president, Global Channels and Indirect Go-to-Market Operations, recapped these changes in his recent blog, What will you be […]

Most people can agree that it is up to parents and teachers to help keep children safe. While the majority of adults know to hold a child’s hand as he or she crosses the street, some often overlook the safety measures needed to cross the digital “highway”, which is just as important! It’s for this […]

The release of the Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity on February 12, 2014 proved to be a pivotal event in the history of U.S. cybersecurity. Here at Intel and Intel Security, we were actively involved in the public-private partnership that helped produce the first version of the Framework. As we noted when it first […]

With its inherent characteristics to significantly reduce costs, free ‘open source’ software (OSS) is growing in popularity with SMEs and start-ups. Free services to replace Microsoft Word and software to manage finances are fast becoming attractive money saving alternatives for SMEs and start-ups. Not only are these OSS products typically free to use, they also […]

Last Friday, I had a great opportunity to talk to kids and parents at a local neighborhood school about how to be safe online, through the Intel Security Cyber Security for Schools Program. These events have a way of making me aware of our bigger cause and our broader responsibility to educate our children, friends, […]