The more connected we become through technology, the harder it may be to reach out to another person and ask for real emotional help. Such isolation is the daily oxymoron of a hyper-connected world. So when you see a person on one of your social networks who appears to be in the midst of a […]

Admit it. Social media has made your world a little smaller—and it’s all in the palm of your hands. Our online personas keep us connected with friends from all corners of our lives—sometimes that list of friends and followers reaches the hundreds, even thousands. From those we knew in high school, to old colleagues and […]

Cuando presentamos nuestra estrategia en FOCUS ’15, existe en su eje un concepto sencillo: crear sistemas de seguridad integrados para automatizar el ciclo de vida de defensa contra amenazas, de modo que usted pueda abordar más amenazas, más rápido y con menos recursos. Con el reciente anuncio de nuestra sociedad estratégica con TPG, deseamos definir […]

Quando apresentamos nossa estratégia no FOCUS 15, tratava-se de um conceito simples: criar sistemas de segurança integrados para automatizar o ciclo de defesa contra ameaças para permitir que os clientes eliminem mais ameaças, com mais rapidez e menos recursos. Com o recente anúncio de nossa parceria estratégica com a TPG, queremos definir ainda mais a […]

Data is leaking out of your organization: accidentally or intentionally, by internals or externals, physically or electronically. During the past year, we have performed extensive research to identify what data is being targeted, who is taking it, how they are getting it out, and the best practices to reduce your exposure to data loss. We […]