As I return home from the Americas Partner Summit and reflect on the feedback I received in many conversations with partners throughout the event, I feel more confident than ever that our marketing priorities align with the needs of our partner community. Many of you expressed a need for guidance on marketing best practices and […]

En materia de seguridad digital el único factor que se mantiene invariable es el cambio, nuestra área de trabajo se transforma de acuerdo con varios elementos: la permanente evolución de la tecnología (el Internet de la Cosas es una nueva tendencia); el costo que pueda tener un objetivo para los atacantes (cuánta información valiosa posee); […]

In recent months, we’ve seen headlines about the compromise of a bank in Bangladesh from which cybercriminals attempted to steal US$951 million. The malware they used was able to manipulate and read unique messages from SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication), as well as adjust balances and send details to a remote control server. […]

If you were asked to picture an adolescent on a holiday, a common image that would come to your mind would be of a teen in a tee and shorts, with headphones on, while playing games on the tab. Devices have almost become an integral accessory of youngsters today, haven’t they? Summer vacation is here, […]

This week, a cybercriminal group going by the moniker “Peace” made headlines across the Internet. Peace didn’t do anything special. They didn’t release classified information. They didn’t break a bank. Instead, Peace did something so common it’s worrying: they offered to sell account information belonging to some 117 million users on the Dark Web. In […]