New server-side ransomware such as SamSam and Maktub are on the hunt for victims. Unlike older ransomware techniques, ransomware now gets installed without user actions such as clicking on links or opening files.   Instead, today’s ransomware targets vulnerable servers like those with unpatched software and out-of-date applications. For example, SamSam has spread primarily by attacking […]

Proposed Textalyzer Targets Distracted Drivers Using a phone while driving can be as deadly as drinking and driving and some lawmakers in New York have proposed legislation to make sure distracted drivers are held accountable. In the land of selfies, texting, and social media 24/7, the legislation authorizes law enforcement to use a device called […]

Whatever the specific configuration of your cloud, be it public, private, or a mix of both, there are security risks that aren’t immediately apparent, ranging from the technical to organizational to issues of governance. Here are five things you need to know about integrating security across your multiple cloud deployments for optimal security. 1) Know […]

Big data introduces new wrinkles for managing data volume, workloads, and tools. Securing increasingly large amounts of data begins with a good governance model across the information life cycle. From there, you may need specific controls to address various vulnerabilities. Here are a set of questions to help ensure that you have everything covered. 1. […]

This post first appeared on the security website Dark Reading. We need consumers and businesses to not simply shrug off data breaches but to take active measures to protect their data. We are hopeful that new insights will provide a compelling answer to the question “So what?” No company is bulletproof when it comes to […]