Reena (name changed for privacy reasons) is a dear friend and an amazing person. It’s always a pleasure when she drops in for a visit, for she has a veritable treasure trove of anecdotes and unbelievable facts to share. Time flies when she talks. God only knows where she collects them from, and most importantly, […]

We meet again, Barcelona! Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 is here at last, providing the mobile industry with the opportunity to showcase the latest on-the-go gadgets and discuss critical industry topics. The excitement of innovation is in the air, and we can’t wait to see what’s coming next in the mobile space. While we all […]

Finally, I can go to Mobile World Congress (MWC) without having to sacrifice a visit to the RSA Conference in San Francisco.  It’s always an interesting experience to go to a technology conference and be the unpopular security guy. What is certain is that this year we’re going to see a vast range of new […]

Sometimes a new technology comes along that’s so promising, so revolutionary, that, over time, future citizens consider the innovation to be commonplace. Take sliced bread for example. Sliced bread, you may be surprised to hear, wasn’t baked into the fabric of everyday life until 1928, when a man named Otto Rohwedder leveraged his device through […]

The recent issue with the Superfish VisualDiscovery software installing a root certificate on some Windows 8/8.1 systems shipped by Lenovo was generally reported to facilitate man-in-the-middle attacks for SSL connections. The properties of that certificate, however, allow it to be used for any digital-signing purposes, including signing files and malware. On February 26, McAfee Global […]