If you were asked to picture an adolescent on a holiday, a common image that would come to your mind would be of a teen in a tee and shorts, with headphones on, while playing games on the tab. Devices have almost become an integral accessory of youngsters today, haven’t they? Summer vacation is here, […]

This week, a cybercriminal group going by the moniker “Peace” made headlines across the Internet. Peace didn’t do anything special. They didn’t release classified information. They didn’t break a bank. Instead, Peace did something so common it’s worrying: they offered to sell account information belonging to some 117 million users on the Dark Web. In […]

When you move applications to the cloud, the attack surface changes while the vulnerabilities at application, database, and network level persist. To address these issues, securing the cloud perimeter, preventing unauthorized access, and protecting data is crucial. The first step is to reduce the attack surface. Run a port scan specific to an instance IP and lock […]

In my day-to-day activities at Intel Security, I deal with a lot of security issues ranging from ransomware and malware to hacking wearables and power grids.  While many of those security issues can have some serious ramifications, there are strong security measures you can put in place to mitigate a lot of the threats.  However, […]

This post was written by Piyush Mittal. Microsoft’s Azure App Service is a fully managed Platform as a Service for developers that provides features and frameworks to quickly and easily build apps for any platform and any device. In spite of its ease of use, developers still need to keep security in mind because Azure […]