La última edición del Informe Trimestral de Amenazas (QTR) fue publicado esta semana por McAfee Labs. Si no está familiarizado con estos, McAfee Labs es nuestro laboratorio encargado de investigar todas las amenazas más recientes que están circulando en el “campo de batalla”, así como de observar las tendencias que indican lo que los maleantes […]

In the absence of hard figures, improved threat detection can be difficult to sell to executive management, especially when competing with mandated projects and buzzword-rich initiatives. We’ve created a program that helps CISOs influence and drive urgency through quantifiable business outcomes that speak to organizational goals. Here’s an example of how this worked for a […]

Despite headlines, hype, and hysteria, US government rightly chooses cybersecurity guidance over regulation. The Obama administration today unveiled its long-awaited safety policy for self-driving or automated vehicles (AVs). Despite the recent tragic death of a passenger travelling in a Tesla-built AV, and persistent discussions of spectacular cyber-sabotage scenarios, the government chose a wise, sober course […]

Social media has rocked the traditional friendship paradigm to its core. We’ve succeeded in connecting with more people than ever but how many friends do we really have? How many people would we rush to be with in a crisis or sacrifice consistent time, effort, and tears for? A friend, as defined Google dictionary, is a person […]

A couple years ago I was messing around on my computer before dinner.   My wife came in with a strange look on her face as she told the person on the phone, “I think you might want to talk to my husband about that.” Once on the phone I was greeted with, “Hi, this is […]