Uma pergunta que os parceiros me fazem com frequência é: “Como podemos obter mais recursos e apoio da Intel Security?”. Alguns querem apenas mais atenção de nossa parte e de outros fornecedores para ajudá-los a lidar com seus mercados, entender produtos e conquistar novos clientes. A Intel Security e outros fornecedores são potenciais fontes […]

Una pregunta que frecuentemente me hacen los partners es, “¿Cómo obtenemos más recursos y apoyo de Intel Security?” Algunos sencillamente desean más atención de nosotros y otros proveedores que les ayudemos a abordar sus mercados, a comprender los productos y a ganar nuevos clientes. Intel Security y otros proveedores cuentan con inmensos recursos y soporte. […]

“Seriously?” my teen daughter shrieked. “What a jerk!” With a few angry finger jabs to her home screen she shut off her phone, shoved it into her backpack, and looked out the car window. “What is it?” I asked. “Nothing. It’s gross.” “What’s gross?” “Nothing.” I know my daughter well enough to know that she […]

Companies appear to be recognizing the need for increased incident-response spending. Today the SANS Institute released a new incident-response survey that we co-sponsored, with some useful and encouraging findings for practitioners and managers of security operations. There’s quite a bit of good news. At least in part thanks to the increased integration of correlation and […]

The massive amount of log, event and flow data within the SIEM offers security analysts answers to essential security questions such as “who is accessing critical business systems,” or, more importantly, “was there any anomalous activity before, during or after the connection?” To get all these answers, though, users need to filter, correlate, and view […]