Leveraging Deception Technologies to Outsmart Hackers Hackers live and breathe deception. In fact, deception is the cornerstone of most of their attack strategies. Lately, enterprises have become increasingly interested in using deception themselves as a way to get into the minds of cybercriminals and thwart them. In other words, they are using deception to improve […]

When data leaks, the cause may seem like a mystery. But cybersecurity professionals know better. Concrete facts exist behind every breach. Just like a song stuck in your head that you can’t name, knowledge brings relief. So let’s continue our discussion of the six “w” questions of cybersecurity: who, what, when, where, why, and how. […]

Attacks by macro malware carrying ransomware are growing, as we have recently reported. Since early March we have seen macro malware using high-obfuscation algorithms to hide itself from static and traditional antimalware detection techniques. Macro malware continues to evolve and use new tricks to evade detection. In addition to these evasion techniques, McAfee Labs researchers have […]

Every form of marketing today is undergoing a sea change that is more than just a disruption. New digital marketing technologies are a welcome development for improving customer experience, as companies learn how to leverage data to empower customers, sharpen marketing content, and enable their sales force throughout the Customer Buying Journey. Meanwhile, marketers grapple […]

Given retail banking customer’s non-ending appetite for greater ATM self-service functionality at ever-increasing locations, it’s not surprising that banks are having trouble delivering rigorous security. According to a recent Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Diebold [1], financial institutions lack confidence in their current ATM security. Even though 21 to 30% of all their in-house security efforts are […]