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Fighting advanced threats with real-time SIEM In a recent study by Evalueserve for Intel Security, only 24% of companies surveyed were confident of their ability to detect an attack within minutes of it starting, and just under half said it would take days, weeks, or even months before they noticed. That is plenty of time for […]

Acting on key Indicators of Attack for incident response is crucial. The increasing frequency and severity of incident headlines these days really makes it clear that we live and work in an increasingly complex digital world. I’ve been in the industry for a long time – leading teams on comprehensive security assessments for hundreds of […]

Recientemente, en nuestro evento de Focus y Partner Summit, compartimos mucha información sobre la estrategia de Intel Security en constante evolución y nuestra renovada seguridad enfocada en los endpoints y la nube. Si hubo algún tema a resaltar en el Partner Summit y Focus, fue el cambio. Como dijo nuestro gerente general, Chris Young durante […]

Tivemos pouco mais de uma semana para resumir tudo o que aconteceu nos eventos anuais da Intel Security: Partner Summit e Focus. Compartilhamos muitas informações sobre a estratégia em evolução da Intel Secuirty e também sobre o foco renovado em Endpoint Security e na nuvem. “Mudança” foi o tema principal do Partner Summit e Focus […]

Successful targeted attacks bypass security controls and typically cause significant damage to an enterprise. Damages may include reputation, monetary, and intellectual property losses. Many attacks leverage zero-day malware, which are malicious programs that security scanners miss on the day they are used for the first time. Several approaches are commonly used to combat targeted attacks, […]