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Limiter et protéger votre entreprise contre les attaques de type Dridex peut se faire à différents niveaux d’interception : Fichiers, Registre, URL et IP, et celà à travers plusieurs technologies des gammes de produits Intel Security. La protection contre ce type de codes malveillants extrêment volatile nécessite une approche multi niveaux et une coordination entre les différents […]

Understanding the attack methods and techniques of bad guys provides valuable insights that can help you refine your security posture. This five-part blog series looks at attacks from a thief’s perspective and shows you how the latest security technologies can block them. Breaking Bad Code: Exposing the Walter White of Attack Methods The popular crime […]

Balanced security capability, defense in depth, integrated countermeasures, and a threat-intelligence strategy are critical to defending your business from spear-phishing attacks. Spear phishing continues to be the most successful means of gaining entry to an enterprise network and to valuable business or personal data. According to the latest Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, two-thirds of […]

It’s no secret that today’s attack surface is growing. Everywhere you turn there’s news of a new breach or targeted attack. Look around you – is your mobile device nearby? The answer is most likely yes. In a world of connected devices and people on the go, our affinity for multi-tasking is in turn causing […]

En caso de que usted no se haya dado cuenta, le debe a la Ley de Moore una tarjeta de cumpleaños atrasada. El célebre teorema, que estableció el ritmo de evolución de la industria de la tecnología postulando que el poder de cómputo se duplicaría cada año, cumplió 50 años este año. Nosotros en la […]

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