Author: Alok Shukla

Alok Shukla In his role, Alok manages Mobile Cloud and McAfee Security for App stores product lines. An MBA from Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore, He is been responsible for mobile focused App reputations, Cloud AV and App store focused SaaS based security products. Prior to this role, he managed enterprise whitelisting product line for McAfee namely McAfee Application control and McAfee Change Control. In this role Alok enabled an innovative whitelisting based embedded security product on android platform. Alok is highly experienced on managing security products and has 11+ years of total experience under his belt. He is an avid follower of security trends on mobile and consumers markets and is a frequent speaker at security events specifically on android and mobile security. He could be reached on

Free mobile apps may introduce security risks that need to be addressed. While businesses need to find ways of monetizing when consumers are not ready to pay directly for using an app,  monetization mechanisms that involve the use of user data should be legal, secure and an informed choice. A bigger disussion follows. 80% of the […]

An Indian investigative portal Cobrapost, recently released a report on alleged online reputation smearing/management/campaigns designed to gain/destroy political capital for who ever was the highest bidder or “customer”. Online world (social media) was abuzz with political motivations, and some where perplexed if it was even possible (amazed, surprised, dismissive etc.) Some of the bloggers/twitterati offered their own explanations, instantly […]

McAfee has always been in the forefront of finding new ways to secure our customers against threats and risks posed by mobile devices. As part of this quest, we have introduced the concept of app reputation as part of our latest release of McAfee Mobile Security (MMS Version 3.1) released on 18th July 2013. From a […]