Author: Craig Schmugar

Craig Schmugar Craig Schmugar is a Research Architect, helping to define, design, and deliver next generation anti-malware solutions in McAfee Labs. Since joining McAfee in 2000, he's analyzed and combated thousands of threats and enjoys helping others stay safe online.

“Android Armour,” a malicious knockoff of Armor For Android, has been circulating for some time with no end in sight, perhaps due in part to advertisements over Yahoo’s ad network.  I happened to recently be served a couple myself.  The lure starts off with some alarming pop-up dialog prompts:         Which lead to fake […]

The McAfee Threats Report for the first quarter of 2013 highlighted a noteworthy increase in the number of Koobface malware samples on record. This data point is based on the number of unique malicious files associated with the Koobface family, and is generally one indicator of active malware development. Besides the number of changes made […]

Darkmegi was in the news a couple of months back; it was the first known threat to be delivered through the Microsoft vulnerability CVE-2012-0003 (MIDI Remote Code Execution Vulnerability) exploitation. More recently Darkmegi has been seen in CVE-2011-3544 (Java Runtime Remote Code Execution) drive-by attacks as part of the Gong Da Pack exploit kit. Darkmegi uses […]

It’s been more than a year since McAfee became an Intel company, and the team and I have been privileged to be a part of designing and developing our DeepSAFE technology, as well as Deep Defender, the first available product that leverages this advancement. Recent threats in the news validate what we’ve been working on, […]

Here’s a quick update on the Mac OS X malware landscape, a rather hot topic this month. May started off with the announcement of the DIY malware kit Weyland-Yutani BOT. This news was shortly thereafter dwarfed by numerous reports of fake (a.k.a. rogue) security software for the Mac; names include Mac Defender, Mac Protector, Mac Security, […]