Author: Cybermum Australia

Cybermum Australia Alex Merton-McCann McAfee’s Cybermum in Australia, Alex, is a mother of four boys aged 9 to 16, who juggles family, work, home life, sporting commitments, hobbies and her children’s ever growing social lives (on and offline). Like many Australian parents, Alex has concerns about the safety of her children, who are growing up in an increasingly online world. Alex’s blogs will be about internet safety issues and sharing her own experiences, insights and lessons to help keep kids and families safe online. To learn more about Alex and McAfee’s Family Internet Safety Centre, go to, follow Alex on Twitter @Cybermum_AU or email Alex at

Listen up parents: live streaming is the latest trend that you need to get your heads around. Not only are there privacy issues that you need to understand so you can keep your kids safe but live streaming may just explain why your Internet usage is spiraling upwards! To ensure we’re are all up to […]

Life can sometimes deal us a tough set of cards. Dealing with a chronic illness is no exception. The Australian Bureau of Statistics believes that as our population ages so does the prevalence of chronic illness. Whether it is cancer, diabetes, obesity, Lyme disease or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, managing a chronic illness can often feel […]

When I was 8, I was completely obsessed with being an air hostess ‘when I grew up.’ The thought of travelling the world while looking glamorous just struck a chord with me! But fast forward 30 something years and our kids aren’t thinking flying – they’re thinking tech! New research by Intel Security shows that a large […]

As safe drivers and responsible community members, I know we are all aware that you just can’t use your mobile phone while driving. There have been far too many horrific stories on our news feeds of the horrendous, sometimes fatal outcomes of this highly-illegal practice. But what about using your phone while walking? Surely this […]

When most of us think about meeting people online, we probably think of romance and/or “stranger danger.” Being sensible and cautious when making new friends online is of paramount importance and it can definitely be a risky business. But have you considered using the Internet as a way to expand your own business network and […]