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Cybermum Australia Alex Merton-McCann McAfee’s Cybermum in Australia, Alex, is a mother of four boys aged 9 to 16, who juggles family, work, home life, sporting commitments, hobbies and her children’s ever growing social lives (on and offline). Like many Australian parents, Alex has concerns about the safety of her children, who are growing up in an increasingly online world. Alex’s blogs will be about internet safety issues and sharing her own experiences, insights and lessons to help keep kids and families safe online. To learn more about Alex and McAfee’s Family Internet Safety Centre, go to, follow Alex on Twitter @Cybermum_AU or email Alex at

What Christmas gifts did you and your family receive last year? If you’re anything like my family, there was a tech theme involved! While some of my favourite retailers, like David Jones, were talking about a resurgence in traditional toys, I think you’d be hard pressed to find a household where Xbox games, tablets or […]

If I had to choose, I would rather lose my wallet than my phone. It’s an absolute no brainer. Sure, my wallet might have a $20 note and an array of cards but these are basically replaceable – whereas the pictures, contacts and notes on my phones aren’t! In 2014, the Bank of America published […]

I love the buzz I get when I find a new app. Whether it’s a health, food or travel app – the whole process just floats my boat. However, how many of us really take the time to read all of the Terms & Conditions that come with downloading an app? I always try to […]

My husband and I never really discussed our parenting strategy before we started our clan. I suppose you could say it evolved. With four small boys, quite honestly a lot of it happened on the run, but the trickier stuff was debated long into the night. Now, I am not one for pigeonholing, but identifying […]

We have all experienced oversharing on social media. Whether it is relentless photographs of meals enjoyed, updates on daily domestic chores or the constant high achievements of offspring, it can all be just a little too much. But in addition to the ‘annoyance’ factor, did you know that oversharing online can actually put you at […]