Author: François Paget

François Paget François Paget is a senior threat research engineer and one of the founding members of McAfee Labs, where he conducts a variety of forecast studies and performs technological monitoring. He focuses on the various aspects of organized cybercrime and the malicious use of the Internet for geopolitical purposes. As Secretary-General of CLUSIF (Club de la Sécurité de l’Information Français), Paget is involved with the association’s "Threats" workshop and the organization of the Annual Cybercrime Overview conference. Paget is also a regular conference speaker at various French and international events in the information system security field.

During the past few days, the media has been abuzz with the massive celebrity photo leak nicknamed CelebGate 2014. The story started on August 31 when the first nude pictures appeared on a 4chan board. An alarming list of victims has been posted. Fake or true, today almost 450 pictures and videos are circulating on 4chan, […]

In 2012, my colleagues Deepak Gupta and Xiaoning Li explained in a white paper how some malware can operate at the kernel level to bypass Microsoft’s security for 64-bit Windows systems. Today a small utility program named KPP-Destroyer can be found online. Previous versions of KPP-Destroyer had some bugs on a Windows 8.1 computer, but […]

Comme souvent avec l’arrivée des beaux jours, l’actualité cinématographique en France est riche et les comédies françaises cartonnent en salle. En parallèle, la recherche de ces films en téléchargement illégal ou en vision streaming est un jeu dangereux que nombre d’internautes semblent régulièrement expérimenter. L’une des méthodes les plus usitées pour tenter de récupérer des films qui […]

As a supplement to the next McAfee Labs Threats Report, which will appear next month, we offer this timeline of leading cybercrime events that made news in the first quarter of 2014. January 2: A systems administrator at the Monju fast breeder reactor facility in Japan notices suspicious connections emanating from a machine in the […]

As a supplement to the latest McAfee Labs Threats Report, published this week, we offer this timeline of leading hacktivist activities that made news in the fourth quarter of 2013.   October 3: Thirteen alleged members of the hacktivist collective Anonymous are indicted for cyberattacks between September 2010 and January 2011 on targets including the […]