Author: Gary Davis

Gary Davis Gary Davis is Chief Consumer Security Evangelist. Through a consumer lens, he works closely with internal teams to drive strategic alignment of products with the needs of the security space. Gary also oversees Intel Security online safety education to educate businesses and consumers by distilling complex security topics into easily understandable and actionable advice. During his 5+ years at Intel Security, he has held leadership roles in the consumer and enterprise divisions where he has helped shape various product portfolios and strategic direction along with advocating for cybersecurity education. Gary has appeared on multiple business, security and consumer lifestyle broadcast outlets, including CBS News, CNBC, FOX News, Bloomberg, WSJ MoneyBeat and several Bay Area television stations; and quoted in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Money Magazine, CNN, Forbes, TIME Magazine, LA Times, Huffington Post, MSNBC, PC Magazine, CNET, CSO Magazine, and PC World. He is a sought-after speaker discussing the state of and trends in digital security. Prior to joining McAfee, he held senior management positions for more than 15 years in technology companies. Gary served on the board of directors of the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA). Twitter: @garyjdavis. / McAfee Blog. For media requests, please contact or

As technology makes our lives increasingly convenient, we rely on it more. We use it constantly nowadays, even entrusting our personal information to apps and services. But cybercriminals know that—in fact, they count on it. The McAfee Labs Threats Report, September 2016, reveals that crooks are getting personal, targeting individuals’ data more than ever. It’s […]

Since 2004, October has been deemed National Cyber Security Awareness Month—a time when government and private organizations come together to enhance protection for the digital lives of Americans. Almost every aspect of our lives now involves the internet. Today, every citizen should know how to secure their information. This annual event is the time to […]

We all have unsolicited mail show up in our mailbox. Whether as advertisements or coupons, companies hope we view them as opportunities rather than what they often really are: extra paper. However, Australians are receiving a different type of unsolicited mail and it brings a gift of its own: malware. These malicious gifts are delivered […]

Who doesn’t love larger-than-life characters? Celebrities fascinate us. From laughter to tears, their performances stay in our memories, sometimes even in the form of hilarious internet memes. Unfortunately, however, all this attention also piques the interest of another group: cybercriminals. Since celebrity curiosities account for so much internet traffic, crooks see celebs as a chance […]

When it comes to data breaches there are hits and there are misses. And then there are hits. Today, there was a hit. Yahoo Inc., a long-time, major tech player, confirmed a massive breach, affecting up to 500 million Yahoo users. Usernames, protected passwords, dates of birth, associated email addresses and more were allegedly stolen […]