Author: Hardik Shah

Hardik Shah Hardik Shah is an experienced security researcher, who is currently working as Senior Research Engineer in McAfee Labs. He has extensive experience with exploit,malware analysis and various IPS engines. He enjoys working on latest threats and figuring out ways to protect customers from them. Prior to joining McAfee Hardik was working with IPS research team in Symantec. you can follow him on twitter at @hardik05

Recently we found some new malware samples using AutoIt to hide themselves. On further analysis we found that those sample belong to the Vertexnet botnet. They use multiple layers of obfuscation; once decoded, they connect to a control server to accept commands and transfer stolen data. This sample is packed using a custom packer. On […]

Bitcoin is a virtual decentralized currency that was created in 2009 by developer Satoshi Nakamoto, who described the currency in a paper. Recently Bitcoin has gotten lots of attention. In early 2013, the prices reached a high of US$265 per Bitcoin. The following chart shows the currency’s historical price:   Because Bitcoin is a virtual […]

Pinterest is getting lots of media attention lately. Spammers are also starting to exploit the social-media “pinup” site to make quick money. We have found that there are already lots of ready-to-use tools that make it easy for anyone to start Pinterest scams without much difficulty or technical skill. These tools are so easy that […]