Cuba has been described as the least connected country in the Western Hemisphere. With trade embargoes limiting the import of new technologies and tight restrictions controlling the usage of the Internet, Cuba nonetheless shares one in common Internet trait with other countries: It is not immune to malware. McAfee Mobile Research has identified a new […]

After numerous attempts to sabotage the Oct26 Driving Campaign online, by repeated hacking of sites/accounts as well as defacing of websites which included the official website for the campaign hxxp:// twice in a span of a few days. Additional attempts to derail the movement are now coming to light. Hacker(s) not deterred by just the […]

McAfee Mobile Security has identified a new Android Trojan embedded in a pirated copy of an exclusive app from rapper Jay Z. We suspect the malware author is attempting to go after the demand for the app Magna Carta Holy Grail on pirated sites. The legitimate app has been released exclusively for Samsung devices on […]

A new threat has surfaced targeting users in Korea and Japan, but this attack, unlike others making the news, is not one motivated by political or ideological dogma. Instead, this one is based purely on old-fashioned greed. Vertu phone owners or those looking for a localized Vertu theme in Korean or Japanese for an Android […]

We already know that mobile malware is growing at a fantastic rate, but we now see a new trend that concerns us: specific regions targeted by mobile threats. Just last week McAfee Labs blogged about a new malware threat targeting phone owners in South Korea. Today we have identified another new strain of Android Trojan […]