Author: Jim Walter

Jim Walter Jim Walter is the Director of Advanced Threat Research for Intel Security. The Advanced Threat Research team focuses on critical platform security issues (BIOS, Firmware, Secure Boot, etc.) as well as core areas such as virtualization, crypto, IoT, and mobile communications. His threat intelligence team focuses on new threat research as well as the cataloging and maintenance of vulnerabilities and associated countermeasures. Jim has been with McAfee for more than 16 years and works extensively with the internal sales and support teams to provide knowledge and guidance around emerging threats. His global team generates Security Advisories, countermeasure/detector feeds, Global Threat Intelligence apps, podcasts and more.

Can we really trust cloud computing? Or perhaps more importantly do you trust the cloud? And does the perceived lack of transparency, combined with recent negative headlines, impact future investments in cloud computing? In conjunction with the Cloud Security Alliance, we have prepared a survey to gain a better understanding of the perceived trust within […]

Time to wind down the Barcelona adventure, and onto Milan now!  This week we have announced some remarkable partnerships within the mobile industry ranging from the biggest handset OEMs, infrastructure providers and mobile network operators. These deep relationships have been established in almost every corner of the mobile ecosystem and we’re all agreed on one […]

Finally, I can go to Mobile World Congress (MWC) without having to sacrifice a visit to the RSA Conference in San Francisco.  It’s always an interesting experience to go to a technology conference and be the unpopular security guy. What is certain is that this year we’re going to see a vast range of new […]

Why are data breaches so commonplace?  Whether the attacks are against the energy sector as reported July 2014[i] with over 1,000 energy companies in North America and Europe reported to have been compromised.  To other attacks targeting other sectors (e.g. Operation Troy, Operation High Roller Nightdragon, etc.) it would appear that no sector is immune […]

By Raj Samani (@Raj_Samani) and Christiaan Beek (@ChristiaanBeek) In the McAfee Labs Threats Report published in November 2014, Senior Vice President Vincent Weafer commented that 2014 will be remembered as “the year of shaken trust.” Indeed almost every threat measured saw notable increases in Q3 that pointed to a rather ominous 2015.  There was, however, […]