Author: Michael Zhang

Michael Zhang Michael Zhang is a security researcher and a member of the McAfee Labs Mobile Research and Operations team. He is based in Shenzhen, China, and specializes in mobile malware analysis, reverse-engineering and detections.

Phishing messages and fake websites for stealing users’ credentials are a common occurrence. Recently, however, mobile banking users in China are facing a new wrinkle: phishing texts that appear to come from a major bank’s official number. The GSM standard is not a secure network because the authentication between mobile phone and network goes in […]

Last weekend, it was reported in China that an SMS worm was wildly spreading among Android mobile phones, with more than 500,000 devices infected. The malware spread by sending SMS texts to a phone’s contacts with a message body such as: XXX看这个,http://cdn.<removed>.com/down/4279139/ This malware is much more than just a worm. It is actually a […]

In China, some mobile phone geeks like to refresh their Android machines with images from the Internet. For some mobile phone dealers, this makes good business. They can earn extra money from refreshing phone ROMs for those users who want to erase a lot of useless applications in the original ROMs. However, making an Android […]

In China, there is a saying: “道高一尺,魔高一丈,” meaning “The law is strong, but the outlaws are sometimes stronger.” In the last few weeks, a new Android malware we’re calling Android/Obad.A has appeared. It uses a number of techniques that have rarely been seen before in mobile malware. Android/Obad.A requests the victim to authorize its Device […]

It’s a common misconception that mobile malware is a problem limited to users in a particular geographical region such as China or Eastern Europe. Last week, McAfee Labs mobile research department received a mobile malware sample that targets Android mobile phone users in South Korea. The sample pretends to be a popular coffee shop coupon […]