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The reseller-customer bond is hard to break. The average solution provider’s relationship with a customer lasts seven years or more. Once a relationship is formed and trust is established, the reseller becomes more than just a reseller- they become a trusted advisor. The customer, more times than not, will remain loyal to its reseller and […]

After I gave away my old laptop to my housekeeper, I was happy to see the excitement showcased by her kids as they began to experiment with laptop. Needless to say our dear friend was left completely spellbound. But the joy was short-lived as the laptop soon started facing issues and wouldn’t respond to their […]

Our 8th annual security conference is right around the corner, returning once more to the fabulous Las Vegas. In just a few weeks, security experts from all over the world will meet at the Venetian to network and learn about the latest and most innovative ways to fend off cyber attacks. Registration is open for […]

Autonomous systems are doing wonders for us, whether it be in factory manufacturing or recommending where you go to get your next Pumpkin Spice latte. They’re freeing up time, producing more goods and sending us to those quaint little cafés that we may have never discovered otherwise. But our autonomy-based economy has a long way […]

Intel Security just released the latest update to its Intel® Security Battery Optimizer, a complete device optimization app that works with Android smartphones and tablets. We’ve taken users’ feedback seriously to redesign the app to make it more versatile for both new and existing users. Intel Security Battery Optimizer 2.0 has evolved beyond battery life […]