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Darkleech is an Apache module on the dark web that distributes malware. This tool, which appeared in 2012, was first used to infect many Apache servers and later sites running Microsoft IIS. The campaign infecting IIS sites was named pseudo-Darkleech because it resembles the Apache infector module. (In this post, we will use the term Darkleech to refer to […]

Last week, CRN named SEVEN women from Intel to its prestigious 2016 Women of the Channel list – and I’m proud to say that SIX of these women are from Intel Security. The women named to this list include : Laura Crone, Vice President, Client Computing Group and General Manager, Channel Platforms and Operations, Intel Allison […]

Since the discovery of the Android banking Trojan SpyLocker, Intel Security has closely monitored this threat. SpyLocker first appeared disguised as Adobe Flash Player and targeted customers of banks in Australia, New Zealand, and Turkey. Recently we have found that the distribution method for this malware has changed. In addition to employing malicious websites that […]

Paul Doucette, the senior technical security engineer at Berkshire Health Systems, thrives on challenge. “Our biggest security priority is protecting our sensitive business data,” he says. “What keeps me coming back to the office every day is the thrill of being able to detect new threats and correct them before they turn into problems.” Doucette […]

Large sports leagues are no strangers to the spotlight, and basketball is no different. The latest scandal? Last week, a major security incident put the NBA on center stage. The Milwaukee Bucks basketball team had their financial information stolen by cybercriminals, thanks to a very convincing email scam. Here’s what happened: The Bucks fell for […]