Author: Pat Calhoun

Pat Calhoun Senior Vice President and General Manager, Network Security Pat Calhoun is responsible for defining and executing the strategic direction for McAfee’s Network Security business, which includes Network IPS & NAC, Enterprise Firewall, Web Protection, Email, DLP and Identity Management, and Services Gateway products. Calhoun leads the engineering, marketing, and sales functions that drive worldwide growth for this area of the business. Calhoun was most recently at Cisco where he led the Secure Network Services business unit, and was responsible for the strategic direction and market success across a broad portfolio of products generating more than $1 billion in revenue. Also while at Cisco, he served as Chief Technology Officer for Wireless Networking and Access Network & Services. Prior to Cisco, Pat held various Chief Technology Officer and senior engineering roles at US Robotics, Sun Microsystems, and Airespace, Inc. where he was a co-founder before an acquisition by Cisco. Calhoun studied Computer Science at Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology.

Organizations must adopt a new way of thinking about safeguarding sensitive data from theft and unauthorized exfiltration. The recent slew of high profile data breaches has prompted organizations to harden network perimeter defenses with the latest security technologies. In response, some cybercriminals are shifting their focus toward the human element, with phishing and social engineering […]

Recently, Miercom released their Throughput and Scalability Report, awarding McAfee NGFW with the Performance Verified Certification for impressive throughput and security performance. This week, at Intel Security’s RSA booth, I accepted the official Performance Verified Certificate from Miercom CEO Robert Smithers. The Performance Verified Certificate recognizes McAfee NGFW 5206 for demonstrating unimpeded performance up to […]

Today, almost every component of a data center operates as a generalized pool of hardware resources. Whether it is computing power, storage, or networking, you can provision, operate, and manage your resources in the most efficient way for your requirements. Workloads in these Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC) spread across multiple machines, even multiple locations, […]

Last week, our team worked with several global law enforcement agencies to take down a botnet known as “Beebone.” Beebone is an example of polymorphic malware – malware that changes its form and even control servers with every new infection. This is the epitome of zero-day malware because the typical artifacts used to write signatures […]

The Internet of Things (IoT) is upon us and it is not only moving into our homes through our networks and refrigerators, it is also moving into our bodies through networked medical devices. Wearable, temporarily ingested, or even embedded devices for medical treatment, medication and general health and wellness represent the future of healthcare. The […]