Author: Robert Craig

Robert Craig Robert Craig is Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Web Protection at McAfee. Prior to joining McAfee, he had more than fifteen years of enterprise software marketing experience at Intel, Courion, Novell (now NetIQ), Onyx Software and Viador. Previously, he as an industry analyst at Hurwitz Group, program manager at SAIC, and software developer at Digital Equipment Corp. Craig holds a Bachelor’s degree from New York University.

Many organizations today are being led to believe that all they need for a secure network is a next generation firewall (NGFW) solution. As countless point-product firewall vendors try to position their product as a silver bullet for all security issues, top security analyst Jon Oltsik of Enterprise Strategy Group unveils the truth: today’s CISOs […]

On June 23, Gartner published its Secure Web Gateways Magic Quadrant, and positioned McAfee Web Protection in the Leaders Quadrant for the fifth year in a row. McAfee participates in eight Magic Quadrants and is a leader in six(1). In this Magic Quadrant, Gartner evaluated vendors on their completeness of vision and ability to execute […]

There’s been a tremendous amount of activity over the past few weeks in response to the Heartbleed bug discovered in OpenSSL, an open source tool used by thousands of web sites to encrypt web traffic. The bug enables an attacker to obtain a random 64K chunk of memory which could contain sensitive information, such as […]

A colleague of mine recently recounted a conversation he had with two McAfee Web Gateway customers at an industry event, who complained that malware was still getting into their network. My colleague asked, “Are you using SSL scanning?” and the two customers gave each other that “deer in the headlights” look as they realized that […]

More and more we see social media and other application sites on the Internet providing single sign-on (SSO) as a feature or service to their visitors. I’m sure you’ve visited a site and seen an invitation to logon using your Facebook or Google+ credentials. Many times, these sites also encourage you to share articles to […]