Author: Sarah Grayson

Sarah Grayson Senior Marketing Manager for the Web Security Group, Sarah Grayson’s background is in technology sales and marketing, and she has worked with the McAfee SECURE trustmark program for over 5 years. Sarah focuses on the e-tail community and network of partners in the hosting, SEO and website design space. Sarah seeks to promote the concept that certification, PCI compliance and website vulnerability scanning can help grow safer and stronger online businesses.

Many people will be familiar with renowned psychologist Robert Cialdini’s “Six Principles of Influence”. In its most basic form Cialdini offers a step-by-step psychological guide to getting people to say yes. Very effective in the workplace or that crucial sales meeting, but these principles aren’t necessarily confined to the noble quest of ‘better business.” In […]

On February 5,  the Intel Security leadership team and I held our Q1 Global Partner  webcast—thank you to all who attended. If you were unable to join, visit the Intel Security Partner Program portal and watch the replay and learn more about program updates and selling resources. Our theme has been and remains Think Big. We’re […]

It’s time for all of your counter-espionage tools to work together. By now you, your peers, and your board should have accepted that cyberespionage is real, active, and not going away. Whether it is a customer or competitor, country or criminal, someone wants to know a lot more about you. They could be looking for […]

Why are data breaches so commonplace?  Whether the attacks are against the energy sector as reported July 2014[i] with over 1,000 energy companies in North America and Europe reported to have been compromised.  To other attacks targeting other sectors (e.g. Operation Troy, Operation High Roller Nightdragon, etc.) it would appear that no sector is immune […]

If there’s been one growing source of concern over the past year, it’s the explosion of corporate breaches. Businesses of all kinds, including major retailers, restaurant chains and banks have all suffered from the constant onslaught of attacks from cybercriminals. These attacks have illustrated one thing well: we’re not as secure as we ought to […]