Author: Sarah Grayson

Sarah Grayson Senior Marketing Manager for the Web Security Group, Sarah Grayson’s background is in technology sales and marketing, and she has worked with the McAfee SECURE trustmark program for over 5 years. Sarah focuses on the e-tail community and network of partners in the hosting, SEO and website design space. Sarah seeks to promote the concept that certification, PCI compliance and website vulnerability scanning can help grow safer and stronger online businesses.

Last week, our team worked with several global law enforcement agencies to take down a botnet known as “Beebone.” Beebone is an example of polymorphic malware – malware that changes its form and even control servers with every new infection. This is the epitome of zero-day malware because the typical artifacts used to write signatures […]

It’s mid-April and that means it’s time for the yearly Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR). The report is one of the most exhaustive in the security industry, and analyzes data from 70 contributing partners (including Intel Security). It’s one of the clearest pictures we have of the previous year’s security incidents and breaches. And, […]

Enhanced analytical capabilities will help organizations better understand how attacks will unfold, and how to stop them in their earliest stages.  Prediction is as old as humankind, as we’ve search for clues to the future. Big data, computer models, and sophisticated algorithms have brought us much closer to accurately predicting things such as actuarial tables, […]

Tracking and disrupting the crime ring behind a polymorphic botnet.  On April 8, global law enforcement, with the assistance of Intel Security/McAfee, took down the Beebone botnet, which propagates a particularly tricky polymorphic worm. Law enforcement and criminals often act like predators and prey, each evolving and adapting, trying to gain an advantage. A few […]

In October of 2000, we were introduced to the film “Pay It Forward.” The central idea of the heartwarming movie is that one good deed should beget three others, and the world will be a better place for it. That same idea is constantly at play in the cybersecurity world, but instead of good deeds, […]