Author: Sarah Grayson

Sarah Grayson

A number of Internet connections require SSL renegotiation, a Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security process that allows the changing of the details of a handshake after a connection is made with the server. Renegotiation is required when no client-server authentication is initially required while making an SSL connection but is required later. Thus instead of […]

At McAfee Labs we recently observed various threat families using the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS). This practice is not new, but our analysis shows that several malware families are employing the same technique to hide their packed executable code. Usually every malware family uses its own polymorphic packers to obfuscate its payload. In this […]

At the RSA Conference 2016 in San Francisco, Chris Young, GM and SVP of Intel Security, said that one of the best ways to improve response time to attacks and overall awareness of attacks and adversaries is through the timely sharing of threat intelligence. He also talked about Intel Security’s responsibility as a leading security […]

Data breaches are commonplace. Every organization that handles sensitive or private data should have a proper capability to respond to an incident. Many companies have a basic set of procedures, while others maintain a mature set of people and processes. A small percentage of organizations over the years have refined their capabilities to a professional level. […]

Sabe usted dónde están almacenados los datos más valiosos de su empresa? Hasta hace algunos años la respuesta a esta pregunta muy posiblemente habría sido “en servidores propios”; esto ha cambiado paulatinamente y hoy en día muchas empresas reparten el almacenamiento y procesamiento de su información entre servidores propios y la nube, así que el […]