Author: Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt Simon Hunt, market leader, speaker and author in encryption and end-point security, now driving home-based security technology as our CTO/Home Gateway Security. Charged with protecting every device in your home from digital threats, without having to install any software on your game consoles, tablets, TVs and thermostats. Simon spends his time worrying about the influx of IoT devices in our homes, and the security risks they present. Previously, he was responsible for McAfee’s enterprise endpoint technology where he spent 7 years promoting simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness of enterprise anti-malware and encryption products. Simon joined McAfee in 2007 at the acquisition of SafeBoot Corp where he was a Founder and CTO. Simon has a track record of “last 80%” product delivery – taking great technology and turning it into scalable, global, and most importantly marketable product. He has a bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology/Oceanography from UCNW Bangor.

For a while now I’ve been working to define an architecture for securing homes from cyber threats – not just your PC or Mac – we have that covered with our award winning products – I’m worried about your TV, your game console, your digital thermostat – all the other “computers” in your home which […]

Last week Rory Cellan-Jones, a reporter for the BBC, tried to explain in his CES2015 news article why we, all of us, should be interested in the progress of “Internet of Things” (IoT) for the home. Even our Intel President admitted it’s a hard topic to generally appreciate   I asked Intel’s President Renee James […]

The Internet of Things (IOT) and “smart devices” were THE big thing at CES this year – the show was flooded with novel gadgets from every manufacturer – from smart connected coffee makers, health tracking devices, fire alarms, home security systems, and even vehicles which some are considering the next “wearable”. CES behemoth Samsung’s CEO Boo-Keun […]

Spring is in the air; it is the traditional time to clean house, tidy away things you don’t use, and for us geeks, time to dispose of all the old, tech gadgets that we’ve accumulated over the last year. My house is no exception to this, though my wife and I have very different opinions. […]

This week, Tara McKelvey from BBC News Magazine again reminded us that government agents at borders are universally allowed to inspect, and in most cases detain our possessions as we enter countries – this of course includes laptops, iPods, USB sticks, digital media, memory cards etc. In the USA for example, the Customs and Border […]