Author: Simon Cooper

Simon Cooper

Today was an amazing opportunity at the Intel Campus in Santa Clara CA.  I am honored to have been invited to speak to 8th grade classes of STEM students brought in as part of Intel SVP Michael Greene’s wonderful outreach program to under resourced kids. I had two classes, and talked with each about online […]

Intel Security just launched the latest version of our award-winning Android app–McAfee Mobile Security (MMS). MMS has evolved beyond providing AV protection to provide performance boosting and Android Wear features. We are proud to arm our users with these new powerful tools for optimized device performance to aid in users’ eternal struggle to gain longer […]

Neither prevention nor detection alone is sufficient in today’s cybercrime environment. Losing irreplaceable photos, laptops without current backups, and heirloom jewelry are among the biggest fears if your house is robbed. We use deadbolts, alarm systems, and other protection features to deter robbers, but what would you do if you knew for sure that someday […]

How do you get there? Increase the cost and effort required by the bad guys and boost your efficiency. Post-audit, post-breach, post-I-just-started-a-new-job, you know you should boost your incident-response efforts and may wonder where to invest. In a new SANS survey on incident response, co-sponsored by Intel Security, the top impediments to IR success were […]

Our judicial system can move at tectonic speeds. It’s slow and grinding, but constant and binding. So when that system comes into contact with another moving in the opposite direction, at an almost constant force, a lot of pressure builds up. Eventually, that pressure creates an event of seismic proportions. For online businesses and organizations […]