Author: Teresa Chen

Teresa Chen Senior Manager of Embedded Marketing at McAfee, Teresa has over 10 years of product marketing, channel marketing and product management experience from the Internet, Security and Consumer Electronics industries. Teresa earned her MBA from Santa Clara University and her BSE from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

If you’re a political junky, there’s no lack of intriguing stories and scandals to accompany this election season’s spicy rhetoric. Now, we’ve got the Democratic National Committee (DNC) admitting that more than 19,000 emails were hacked by bad actors and released by WikiLeaks—on the eve of the party’s national convention. * The impact of this […]

Most of us were stunned to hear about the economically devastating malware attacks on several U.S. retail chains this past December. More than 70 million customers are potentially impacted by the breach at Target stores alone. But what’s most surprising is how easy it was for cybercriminals to use off-the-shelf malware to exploit point-of-sale (POS) […]

Securing retail systems within the store has always been a challenge, but it’s getting even more difficult with the proliferation of devices. Besides point of sale (POS) terminals, retailers have to safeguard self-service kiosks, sales assistant tablets, digital signage, and self-checkout, among others. Furthermore, the move to omni-channel retailing is complicating matters because customers can […]

We’ve all seen headlines about the growing numbers of medical devices being infected by malware. Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported at least 327 devices at Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals have been compromised since 2009. Taking action, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is urging device manufacturers and health care facilities to be more vigilant […]

Today’s leading security experts believe the next catastrophic electrical failure may have more to do with Father Time than Mother Nature. Why? During recent decades, the focus of energy innovation has been to modernize energy distribution and make it safer, cleaner, more efficient, less costly, and open to more alternative forms of production—all viable goals. […]