Author: Toralv Dirro

Toralv Dirro

You wouldn’t hand your unlocked mobile phone to strangers, would you? Especially not if they keep it for some minutes, unmonitored, to make configuration changes, right? I’m currently traveling in parts of the world where my German network provider charges outrageous roaming prices. For the price of a one-minute call I can buy a prepaid SIM card […]

One thing that disturbs me is how people classify some malware by how surprising large the file is, how many libraries it uses, etc. In many cases, this just means the malware has inefficient code and all the tools are available to easily convert the binaries back into human-readable pseudocode. Let’s look back a bit […]

This time it’s not about some Twitter account being hacked but serious business: It was major news when on January 30 The New York Times revealed that it had been hacked, with users passwords and various email accounts compromised. Today the Wall Street Journal stepped forward and announced that its computer systems had been infiltrated. The […]

Black Hat is over. The year’s biggest and probably most influential IT security conference again had a lot of interesting talks to offer, and of course also the most important part: Meeting with other people from the industry to share news, ideas (and beer). As for the talks, there wasn’t much earth-shattering this year. Aside from […]

Following up on a post from my colleague Jim Walter some months ago about DNSChanger, it is now time to act! For a more detailed description of the threat, check out Jim’s post and our Knowledge Center entry about detection and remediation of DNSChanger. Here is a brief recap: DNSChanger is malware that a gang […]