Author: Tracy Holden

Tracy Holden

This post was written with Diwakar Dinkar. McAfee Labs recently came across the new ransomware variant HydraCrypt. Like some previous ransomware variants, HydraCrypt is distributed using the Angler exploit kit. HydraCrypt encrypts a victim’s files and appends the filenames with the extension “hydracrypt_ID_<8 random characters>.” The malware also drops one plain-text file on the victim’s machine […]

There are, as Benjamin Franklin once said, two certainties in life: death and taxes. But there’s a third certainty in today’s digital world: data theft. Every year around tax season, we see a large spike in tax-related attacks—and this year is no different. Most recently, cybercriminals managed to steal credentials belonging to some 101,000 taxpayers […]

Are you wandering a maze of analytics bingo? That’s understandable. Here’s a short history of the evolution of analytics, explaining why we keep inventing new forms, and including examples based on Intel Security technologies. Most of security policy historically has been binary rules-based, requiring a specific certain condition: Firewall rules (yes/no), port rules. These rules […]

  Have you ever put your kids to bed only to have them creep down the stairs later? We deal with this all the time so I decided to place a motion sensor in front of their door.  Any time the sensor is tripped after 8pm a signal is sent to the smart hub in […]

It’s great to see the White House leaning forward and taking action to improve our national Cyber Security posture by announcing a Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP) and issuing an Executive Order to create a permanent Federal Privacy Council. Both initiatives will improve the national posture on cybersecurity and privacy – issues Intel believes are […]