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Collaborative File Sharing: A Secure Lifecycle

By on Apr 25, 2012

You want to use cloud services, and you want to do so securely. The notion of secure cloud computing has seemed like a pipe dream in recent history, with most believing it just isn’t possible to put data in the cloud with confidence. The truth is, many of these services have matured, and so have the security offerings that seek to protect them.

Employees are going to leverage the cloud in ways that enable productivity, and they have the right to do so. Take collaborative file sharing for example. Gone are the days when you had to load a large file onto a USB drive to share with colleagues across the office, or customers around the world. Now, using services such as Box, employees can upload large presentations, video files, and virtually anything else to the cloud and simply share a link. With a broadband connection, this sharing is almost instant. While this may be a game-changer for employees, it also changes the security landscape.

With the freedom to upload just about anything to a file sharing site, obvious red flags arise. What about sensitive data? Can access to these files be controlled by more than just a simple username and password? These are valid questions that anyone in IT should be asking. In collaboration with Box, you can learn how Intel and McAfee address these issues, and enable secure collaborative file sharing that can be a game changer for employee productivity.

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