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McAfee Data Exchange Layer – Powering the Evolution of Security Connected

By on Feb 21, 2014

This week marks an important milestone for us here at McAfee with the announcement of McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange (TIE). An immune system against advanced targeted attacks. Using a multitude of technological innovations, McAfee TIE closes the gap between encounter to containment of advanced targeted attacks. What has traditionally taken days, weeks or months now only takes milliseconds.

McAfee TIE is the first solution making use of the McAfee Data Exchange Layer (DXL).

The best way to describe the data exchange layer is through an analogy;

Think about the human body’s nervous system, an electrical-chemical communications wiring network that carry messages to and from the brain and spinal cord to various parts of the body.

The McAfee Data Exchange Layer is the nervous system of operational security where different products and solutions act both as receptor and effector organs. They immediately share changes in internal and external conditions (e.g. relevant data; for example, threat information) allowing products and solutions to react to the changed conditions, in real-time, either as individual products or as one unified body.

The Data Exchange Layer is McAfee’s architecture for adaptive security. A real-time, bi-directional, communications fabric allowing security components to operate as one immediately sharing relevant data between endpoint, gateway, and other security products enabling security intelligence and adaptive security.

The Data Exchange Layer accomplished additional important design goals pushing the technological barrier even further. Here are a few examples –

Product integration simplicity: A single API implementation allows integration with any product already part of the data exchange layer (e.g. no more point-to-point integration)

An open framework: The data exchange layer was designed with openness in mind to support the integration of any third party product.

Massively Scale: Understanding present and future needs (e.g. ubiquitous computing) the McAfee Data Exchange Layer was designed to massively scale (millions of concurrently connected clients), while significantly reducing the network footprint even compared to our current solution set.

Easy to deploy: Support multiple flexible deployment options starting with embedding the different data exchange layer parts with the current and future solution set.  For example, customers deploying the McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange are not required to deploy additional components to enjoy the value of the data exchange layer.

Ultra Secure: Ensuring proper authentication, authorization, non-repudiation, confidentiality and other required security related feature and capabilities.

The McAfee Data Exchange Layer powers the evolution and delivers on the McAfee Security Connected vision. Customers benefit from significant operational cost savings, reduced complexity with unmatched operational effectiveness.

Welcome to a brave new world. Welcome to the world of adaptive security.