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Boldly Going Beyond The World Of PC’s

By on Apr 01, 2011

Last month at the RSA Conference, McAfee announced a partnership with Wind River to develop, market and support security solutions for non-PC devices. Today, marks the first implementation of this relationship and the first step toward the vision for securing embedded devices and the world beyond PCs.

The release of the Common McAfee Agent (CMA) for Wind River Linux enables all devices to which it is connected to report into the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator console. Connecting to McAfee’s ePO console will give customers a full picture of their security posture in one console – including servers desktops, laptops, mobile devices, databases and now embedded devices running Wind River Linux such as printers, SCADA systems, medical devices, POS systems.

So why is this important? The bulk of the 50 billion IP devices expected by later this decade will be embedded devices.  Previously, embedded devices like printers were essentially a one way information feed – data was sent to a printer but there was no reporting back. Now with the CMA for Wind River Linux, policies and tasks can be pushed onto the printer and data is captured and reported back to one central console.  As new McAfee security products (like anti-virus, whitelisting and Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) are introduced, it is easy to deploy and manage them through the ePO and CMA framework. This is the first step to providing complete security on embedded systems.

As embedded devices get on the network, security admins want to know if they have the appropriate level of security. They want to control different policies on those devices through the same console that they use to control computers. ePO allows security admins to understand the security posture of all devices through a single pane of glass.

McAfee and Wind River will continue to collaborate to offer purpose-built security and management solutions for the unique and explosive growing embedded market.  More to come…