Security Connected

Lego Loss Prevention

By on May 23, 2012

I read a somewhat peculiar but interesting article yesterday about a creative way to steal Legos by bypassing traditional security systems. Here at McAfee, we’re always thinking about ways to better protect your data and critical assets, and this story reminded me of another (legal) Lego® project: a Lego representation of our Security Connected Ecosystem.

Like Lego bricks, perhaps most important to an organization’s security posture is its sense of connectedness. When it comes to network security, it’s not enough to have best-of-breed solutions – there is power and synergy in uniting those components. Endpoint awareness enriches network security, situational awareness makes endpoint controls more exacting, and Global Threat Intelligence arms them all with reputational context.

We chose Lego bricks as the medium to represent our Security Connected model, because from ideas to implementation, both concepts are about reducing complexity through a modular, scalable and connected design. The Security Connected approach helps organizations of all sizes and industries improve security postures and cost effectiveness while aligning policies strategically with business initiatives.

For a closer look at our Security Connected Ecosystem, join us in October for our 5th annual FOCUS Security Conference in Las Vegas. Not only will you get the information you need to stay three steps ahead of the latest, most creative threats, but you’ll be able to get up close and personal with our model and learn more about the Security Connected vision.