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Cyber Security Tips for Business — Business Internet Security

Our expert bloggers will reveal their findings and offer tips on how to maximize your online security so you can focus on what’s most important – your business.

Last week, our team worked with several global law enforcement agencies to take down a botnet known as “Beebone.” Beebone is an example of polymorphic malware – malware that changes its form and even control servers with every new infection. This is the epitome of zero-day malware because the typical artifacts used to write signatures […]

With RSA Conference drawing near, the information security industry is abuzz. In today’s digital, always-on (rather, always-online) world, it is more critical than ever to keep data protection top of mind. RSA Conference provides an open forum for security professionals to do just that, from learning the latest industry trends to exchanging ideas on how […]

With organizations falling victim to costly cyber-attacks at an increasing rate, there is growing concern from information security professionals on how to reduce breach exposure.  The recent high-profile data breaches are wake up calls for organizations and consumers alike. According to Ponemon Institute’s annual study on data breach preparedness 43% of companies have experienced a […]

There’s no doubt the threat landscape is a complex one. Each month brings a new example of a targeted attack against an organization that was previously considered “invulnerable.” This begs the question, “What went wrong?” With today’s targeted attacks, there’s more importance than ever before to review your infrastructure to ensure you have a comprehensive […]

Expelliarmus!  Wouldn’t it be nice if that worked in the real world? Unfortunately, there’s no magic charm that can be used as ‘Defense Against the Dark Arts’ against cyberthreats and malware. Every minute there are 307 new cyberthreats and according to a recent report by McAfee Labs, the number of malware exploits increased by 76 […]