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More than three thousand security professionals, 90+ technical breakout sessions, inspiring keynotes, and endless carafes of coffee; this was FOCUS 15. The 8th Annual Intel Security FOCUS Conference went out with a bang during the last week of October. Throughout the conference, attendees heard from Intel Security partners and customers about their successes navigating the […]

Insiders have always and will always be a problem. The first step is to better understand the challenges and be able to effectively communicate with others. Many cybersecurity professionals are hesitant at addressing internal risks and feel much more comfortable at tackling external threats. This creates an imbalance, potentially to the detriment of the organization.  […]

FOCUS 15 has kicked off, and there’s a lot to get excited about. One thing you won’t want to miss? Entering our #FOCUS15 Photo Caption Contest for a change to win big. Ready to play? Here’s how to get started. Intel Security FOCUS Conference 2015 Social Caption Contest Terms and Conditions   How to enter:No […]

At Intel Security we’re re-defining how we envision security, beginning with a new, strategic focus on the threat defense lifecycle. That’s why in the coming days, weeks, and months you’ll see and hear us make a number of moves that layout our thinking around the next chapter in security, and further define the unique ways […]

The massive amount of log, event and flow data within the SIEM offers security analysts answers to essential security questions such as “who is accessing critical business systems,” or, more importantly, “was there any anomalous activity before, during or after the connection?” To get all these answers, though, users need to filter, correlate, and view […]