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Google Apps for Work advertises itself as “Business email, calendar, storage and more – An all-in-one suite to communicate, store and create.” Not surprisingly, in a brief phrase Google has captured the essence of a series of benefits of the cloud. Organizations are struggling with expertise, costs, security, privacy, and the contest between time and […]

If you’re a political junky, there’s no lack of intriguing stories and scandals to accompany this election season’s spicy rhetoric. Now, we’ve got the Democratic National Committee (DNC) admitting that more than 19,000 emails were hacked by bad actors and released by WikiLeaks—on the eve of the party’s national convention. * The impact of this […]

How important is a comprehensive, fully integrated security strategy for an enterprise? Just ask Michelle Duprey, Manager of Information Security at Boston Medical Center (BMC). The academic medical center, based in Boston, is the largest safety-net hospital in New England. A business that robust demands a modern security defense. When Duprey first joined the hospital […]

Los nuevos ransomware de servidores como el caso de SamSam y Maktub están a la caza de víctimas. A diferencia de las antiguas técnicas de ransomware, ahora éste se instala sin acciones determinadas como hacer clic en un enlace o abrir un archivo. En lugar de eso, el ransomware ataca a servidores vulnerables como aquellos […]

Este blog fue publicado inicialmente en CSO Online No hay duda de que las organizaciones se están trasladando hacia la nube más rápido que nunca. En un estudio reciente de ESG, el 75% de las organizaciones informaron que actualmente utilizan los servicios de nube pública. Y, ¿por qué no? La adopción de la nube ofrece muchas […]