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Paul Doucette, the senior technical security engineer at Berkshire Health Systems, thrives on challenge. “Our biggest security priority is protecting our sensitive business data,” he says. “What keeps me coming back to the office every day is the thrill of being able to detect new threats and correct them before they turn into problems.” Doucette […]

With 500,000 new security threats being discovered every day, and new challenges like cloud and mobile device security whipsawing IT priorities, the need to retain skilled cyber-security pros has never been greater. Unfortunately, competition for those professionals is also at an all-time high. More than 209,000 cybersecurity jobs are unfilled in the U.S., and the […]

New server-side ransomware such as SamSam and Maktub are on the hunt for victims. Unlike older ransomware techniques, ransomware now gets installed without user actions such as clicking on links or opening files.   Instead, today’s ransomware targets vulnerable servers like those with unpatched software and out-of-date applications. For example, SamSam has spread primarily by attacking […]

Whatever the specific configuration of your cloud, be it public, private, or a mix of both, there are security risks that aren’t immediately apparent, ranging from the technical to organizational to issues of governance. Here are five things you need to know about integrating security across your multiple cloud deployments for optimal security. 1) Know […]

I again had the privilege of interacting with customers, government officials and other cyber experts at the Intel Security Through Innovation Summit here in the D.C. area last week. With nearly 1,000 registrants and dozens of speakers from industry and government, it is one of the premier cybersecurity events anywhere in the country every year. […]