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Since 2004, October has been deemed National Cyber Security Awareness Month—a time when government and private organizations come together to enhance protection for the digital lives of Americans. Almost every aspect of our lives now involves the internet. Today, every citizen should know how to secure their information. This annual event is the time to […]

Everybody loves some celebrity gossip once in a while. Whether you sift through tabloids in the checkout aisle, or bookmark fan sites on your browser, we’re all suckers for a good Hollywood story. But did you know that your love for red carpet stars can be dangerous? This year marks the 10th annual McAfee Most […]

We all have unsolicited mail show up in our mailbox. Whether as advertisements or coupons, companies hope we view them as opportunities rather than what they often really are: extra paper. However, Australians are receiving a different type of unsolicited mail and it brings a gift of its own: malware. These malicious gifts are delivered […]

Have you downloaded the new iOS10 on your iPhone? If you have, you might have noticed a new app called ‘My Home’ which allows you to “build your connected home by adding lights, locks, thermostats and other HomeKit-enabled accessories.” This is the latest step in the world of the Internet of Things and interconnected smart […]

Who doesn’t love larger-than-life characters? Celebrities fascinate us. From laughter to tears, their performances stay in our memories, sometimes even in the form of hilarious internet memes. Unfortunately, however, all this attention also piques the interest of another group: cybercriminals. Since celebrity curiosities account for so much internet traffic, crooks see celebs as a chance […]