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Earlier this week, a new vulnerability was discovered, potentially afflicting up to 950 million Android devices. This accounts for nearly all of active Android users. And what’s more shocking, it all started with a text message. Allow me to introduce you to “Stagefright,” the latest vulnerability to make cybersecurity headlines. Stagefright, a security hole freshly […]

Last Tuesday, Google introduced Your Timeline for its Google Map website and Android devices. Your Timeline acts as a documentarian of your location history, dutifully recording where you’ve been, when and for how long. For many, this will probably be a convenient feature to draw upon when you can’t remember where you were when you […]

Next month I’ll be moving back to the US after a few years living in Japan. While moving internationally can be a headache, one of the fun things about it is shopping for a new car. I’ve had my eye on a Jeep Wrangler and have been weighing the pros and cons of getting an […]

No good comes of breaches. Accessing and publicly revealing information meant to be private is rarely appropriate, and sometimes it can be downright ugly. The latest incident to fall into this category? A recent breach of an online cheating site, affecting up to 37 million people. Here’s what you need to know. On Sunday night, […]

If you have an interest in cybersecurity and popular culture, do yourself a favor now: go watch Mr. Robot, USA Network’s latest original series. It’s a show about hackers, political intrigue and the nature of power, but more than that, it’s great television. If you’re still on the fence about committing to a 45-minute show, […]