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Our judicial system can move at tectonic speeds. It’s slow and grinding, but constant and binding. So when that system comes into contact with another moving in the opposite direction, at an almost constant force, a lot of pressure builds up. Eventually, that pressure creates an event of seismic proportions. For online businesses and organizations […]

These past weeks have not been kind to those seeking privacy for conducting illicit activities. The Ashley Madison hack came to a head with 9.7 gigabytes (GB) of private data and company communications being released online for all to see. The fallout is ongoing, and many are left wondering how the data was published. It was […]

The credit card is a powerful tool — it’s thin, portable, and, thanks to a small magnetic strip on the back of the card, gives you immediate access to credit or cash at a moment’s notice. While the concept of credit and charge cards has been around for ages in various forms, it wasn’t until […]

Every sport has its season. For e-sports, electronic video games played competitively by professionals for big money, that season is now. The International, a tournament for players of Defense of the Ancients (Dota) 2, is unfolding in Seattle, Washington this week. The game can be best described as a sort of mix between “capture-the-base” and […]

If Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out for Summer” is the ode to the end of a school year, then its antithesis must be quiet compliance as school begins anew in the fall. Backpacks are bought, pencils are sharpened and classes are selected. But the quiet won’t last long. There’s a good bit of noise around a […]