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Large sports leagues are no strangers to the spotlight, and basketball is no different. The latest scandal? Last week, a major security incident put the NBA on center stage. The Milwaukee Bucks basketball team had their financial information stolen by cybercriminals, thanks to a very convincing email scam. Here’s what happened: The Bucks fell for […]

This week, a cybercriminal group going by the moniker “Peace” made headlines across the Internet. Peace didn’t do anything special. They didn’t release classified information. They didn’t break a bank. Instead, Peace did something so common it’s worrying: they offered to sell account information belonging to some 117 million users on the Dark Web. In […]

In my day-to-day activities at Intel Security, I deal with a lot of security issues ranging from ransomware and malware to hacking wearables and power grids.  While many of those security issues can have some serious ramifications, there are strong security measures you can put in place to mitigate a lot of the threats.  However, […]

Fad diets have tempted people throughout history. At the turn of the 20th century, the Tapeworm Diet was the trend of the day. It’s exactly what it sounds like—ingesting tapeworms. The only problem? They grow to 25 feet long and cause seizures. In the 1920s, doctors prescribed cigarettes for weight loss. Celebrities, like Elvis, used […]

Most people know the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Thanks to tales like these, we’ve been taught from a young age not to raise false alarms. When we talk about cybersecurity, the moral is no different. Last week, the news cried wolf. Major outlets reported more than 272 million email addresses stolen from […]