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Thanks to the new augmented reality game Pokémon Go, app fans across the globe are enjoying countless hours of fun hunting, capturing, and racking up their Pokémon creature collection. For families, the app can be a blast — as long as everyone slows down and plays smart. In fact, the app is being credited with […]

Hmmm, it’s mid-July. That means you are likely in a comfy state of denial about a few things 1) that your kids’ online time has doubled and 2) you’ve let a few things slide as far as family tech rules, yes? You aren’t alone. Summer days can get long right about now and the activity barrel can start […]

If you’re like me, your Facebook feed (and Twitter, Instagram, Vine, etc) has probably been bombarded with all things Pokémon these last few days.  If you’re wondering why, it’s due to Nintendo’s launch of Pokémon Go for Android and iOS on July 7.  For the uninitiated, Pokémon Go puts the player in the role of […]

Our digital behavior defines us, and — if we happen to get it wrong — it can also devastate us. The revisions to digital etiquette change as fast as technology itself reminding us that with the great power of one-click publishing, comes great responsibility. Before you dismiss digital etiquette as common sense or contend “that […]

Inspired by World Yoga Day last week, a bunch of youngsters have joined the yoga class, I frequently attend. It feels good to be sharing the anxiety and concerns that an unhealthy lifestyle can bring on to us. We’ve spent time during our cool-off period discussing new diets that might just do the trick to […]