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Mobile malware has quickly become one of the greatest threats to cybersecurity. Stay ahead of the hackers by reading our bloggers’ latest findings and tips.

The days are getting shorter and your bags are (finally) unpacked from the annual family vacation. Summer is officially coming to an end. For kids, nothing is more bittersweet than switching gears from hot days filled with play dates and summer camps to long school days and early mornings. For a kid, a new school […]

It wasn’t that long ago when discovering new products, restaurants and everything in between came down to asking our circle of friends. Reviews and ratings were the stamp of approval to which our friends held the key. In 2016, we ask the internet, and now strangers tell us what they like (or don’t), and why […]

SMiShing is another one of those fantastic terms on the internet that drives spell-check, autocorrect and English teachers crazy.  SMiShing is related to “phishing” in that it’s an attempt by a cybercriminal to trick an unware person into clicking on a malicious link.  This link could lead to a virus or other type of malware […]

I was in New York City last June and had a morning free to do a little bit of walking around.  That’s when I happened across one of the new LinkNYC hubs.  Of course I had to stop and check it out.  There was a relatively quick sign up process and I was able to […]

A number of serious vulnerabilities have been recently reported  impacting OS X, iOS, watchOS and tvOS.  These vulnerabilities appear to be similar to StageFright in that an attacker can execute malicious code without any user interaction whatsoever. I don’t even have to click anything? The vulnerability involves a bug in the way TIFF files are handled.  […]