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Mobile malware has quickly become one of the greatest threats to cybersecurity. Stay ahead of the hackers by reading our bloggers’ latest findings and tips.

Before all your bags are packed and you’re ready to go, there is a lot about Mobile World Congress (MWC) that you need to know! MWC is almost here and mobile enthusiasts, like ourselves, are gearing up for the much anticipated event. Bring on the coffee. To put it simply, MWC is the event for […]

When smart phones first came to the scene they were big, clunky, and had these mysterious things called “apps.” For some, smartphones were just iPods that could make phone calls, but it didn’t take long for users to adapt to their new mobile devices and realize the potential smartphones had to offer – especially through […]

When it comes to your mobile device, it may feel like you’re in control. You decide what type of phone fits your budget, which pictures to store and what apps to download, all with very few restrictions. So what happens when that control is taken away? Recently, WhatsApp, a mobile app that provides instant messaging […]

If I had to choose, I would rather lose my wallet than my phone. It’s an absolute no brainer. Sure, my wallet might have a $20 note and an array of cards but these are basically replaceable – whereas the pictures, contacts and notes on my phones aren’t! In 2014, the Bank of America published […]

Taylor Swift dropped a musical explosion when she released her music video for the song “Bad Blood” earlier this year. The song and its accompanying video captivated audiences as it depicted something many could relate to – being betrayed by a trusted peer. Who would have thought the basis of a song could also be […]