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Nadie merece ser víctima del bullying. Octubre es el mes nacional de la conciencia sobre la prevención del bullying, y el momento perfecto para hacer una pausa y enseñar a su familia formas específicas para ayudar a detener este acoso online y offline. Gracias al movimiento para Erradicar el Bullying, este mes está repleto de […]

Do you get more excited about checking your Instagram feed than you do checking in with your spouse each day? Do you feel a sense of anxiety if you are without your phone? Or, perhaps you find yourself wishing your child would wrap up his or her story so you can get back to writing […]

Endless candy, an excuse to dress up as a character from your favorite comic book, and carving pumpkins with family… What’s not to love about Halloween? But witches, ghosts, and goblins aren’t the only things to fear this time of year. This Halloween, there’s a different kind of spooky story—mobile hacks. Mobile security threats are […]

We’re no strangers to Armageddon-scenario movies, but today a real disaster hit the internet. Using brute-force tactics that flood key elements of the internet’s structure, cybercriminals managed to shut down a variety of popular websites. The resulting chaos essentially closed the entire East Coast of the U.S., before spreading to other parts of the country […]

There’s a modern joy we’re all too familiar with. We’ve all made an online purchase while reclining in pajamas, computer on our lap. Everyone knows the comfort of simply punching credit card numbers into a website for a new item. That’s what we do for Converse shoes, Audi accessories, and even donations to political parties. […]