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Google Kill Switch and Smartphone Tips

By on Mar 10, 2011

So before I could even blog about the malware infested Android apps, Google pulled the plug on all 21 of the infected apps by removing the apps automatically from everyone’s phone. In one article about the action (For a full list of the apps, check this out). I actually noticed one person complained about the action taken by Google as being “too much power over the end user”.


Granted the person didn’t actually have a smartphone… but I was thinking would you rather have a criminal with remote access to your phone? I don’t get it. Not to mention, in my personal opinion, it looked like the criminals were targeting young people with the apps they chose who may not keep up on the latest news about malware. I would prefer Google delete the app on my son’s phone rather than have him walk around for days with a malicious app on his phone. Just sayin’!

I had a few friends panic when this story hit the news this weekend, so today I am sharing a few quick tips for my friends with smartphones!

Tips of the day.

1.       Read reviews of the app before you download. Here is where you will find out if the app doesn’t work on your particular phone, is bad, or even if it is great. People are very vocal with criticism; here is where it comes in handy!

2.       Read the permissions before you download. Is it requesting permission to access your call history or gps location and it shouldn’t need that info to work (such as ringtones)? Think twice before you install.

3.       Download only from a trusted source.  Stick to well known developers with good reviews.

4.       Take advantage of additional security software. Multiple vendors offer mobile antivirus applications for Smartphone users.

These tips may seem like they are just for Droids, but really they are just commonsense tips that will work with any smartphone! Using the online market place rather than just downloading immediately on your phone may make it easier for some users to check out the reviews of different apps. And why not download a trial of WaveSecure  while you are there so you can back up, locate and/or  wipe clean your phone if it gets lost or stolen?

On a more fun note, as I was checking out the online market, I came across a great app for parents ~ Zoodles Kid Mode which is a phone version of their online kids browser! I love it! It immediately synched with my cyber daughter’s online profile and now she can play on my phone and I don’t have to worry about her accessing content or downloading something without my permission! Fun, huh?

Well stay safe out there my friends!