A Long Day at McAfee

By on Apr 21, 2010

As I approach my 14th straight hour on the phone with my worldwide support team, and a number of them logging a similar number of hours, I can assure you that we are still working because I and the rest of the McAfee team are taking the issues raised in your comments to my previous blog, in our support forums, on the phone with us and elsewhere very seriously.

In our ongoing efforts to protect our customers from a seemingly endlessly multiplying variety and volume of attacks, today we released a update file that clearly did more harm than good. There was a legitimate threat and we wanted to protect our customers, as we have done successfully thousands and thousands of times before. But in trying to do so, we created negative and unintended consequences for some very important people. Many of you.

Having talked to literally hundreds of my colleagues around the world and emailed thousands to try and find the best way to correct these issues, let me say this has not been my favorite day. Not for me, or for McAfee. Not by a long shot.

Mistakes happen. No excuses. The nearly 7,000 employees of McAfee are focused right now on two things, in this order. First, help our customers who have been affected by this issue get back to business as usual. And second, once that is done, make sure we put the processes in place so this never happens again.

If you are a enterprise/corporate account, and you have an issue these entries in our virus information library and the knowledge base provide workarounds for this issue. If you are a consumer and have an issue, this support page provides information for impacted consumers or call +1 866 622 3911. We have teams of people standing by to help. (To contact McAfee by phone in your region, go to the “Contact Us” page on our Web site and select your country for the correct number.)

I also recommend customers sign up for our Support Notification Service to get real critical product information via e-mail. Go to the SNS Subscription Preference Center to subscribe. For more information, view the SNS KnowledgeBase article and FAQ.