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Apple Announces iPad Availability: Watch Out for Scams!

By on Mar 08, 2010

Last week Apple formally announced the launch date for the Wi-Fi version of its much anticipated new tablet computer, the iPad. As with most events that generate a lot of media and consumer interest, this one also generated curiosity from the spammer community. They wonder how they can leverage this event to steal your sensitive information. 

Scams have already started to surface, claiming how you can win your own iPad for free. All you need to do is provide your address for shipment, and … Oh, yeah, to get your “free” iPad you also need to purchase something, which will require you to give us your credit card details. There had to be a catch somewhere.

Here is an example of such an email:

This scam is basically your typical “free offer” scam, but given the popularity and buzz surrounding any Apple product announcement, it’s essential to identify the legitimate from the “too good to be true.” As the release date for the iPad approaches, more scams such as this are likely to emerge, using email, social media technologies, and common search engine terms for delivery. 

Keep your eyes open, be diligent, and if you question whether any kind of offer you receive in email or on the web is legitimate, you should follow your instincts. Such offers are likely to be bogus.