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Don't Be Misled by Online Shopping

By on Jul 29, 2010

We have just noticed a cluster of fraudulent websites that attempt to mislead consumers. They use a common pattern: offering counterfeit products cheaper than the original to get consumers to send money. We expect consumers to try to get the best product or greatest utility for their money. Due to this desire, some consumers can be easily manipulated because they fail to consider whether an offer is bogus. If you wonder why a website is selling products so cheaply, you need to research more about the site before you spend any money! When I saw the prices below, I couldn’t believe them. That’s a tip-off that something might be wrong.

Misleading 1

This online shop is constructed in a typical, apparently trustworthy manner, and contains registration information on the site and even a faked customer-evaluation portal to “prove” their honesty. Of course, the evaluation portal belongs to the same defrauders, and appears to be hosted on the same server. In case you order an item there, you will pay and receive nothing in return, because there is no company registered at the mentioned address. Trying to get back your money will be in vain, because you can’t get any information about the people behind the scenes.

According to my research, there are many fraudulent websites that are associated with the same IP and in the same country. When you’re not sure about a website, you need to keep in mind some useful steps to protect yourself from fraudulent behavior. Look for the following:

  • Consumer feedback
  • Company information
  • Tax number of the company
  • Registration chamber of commerce
  • Similar websites
  • Bank details
  • Check URL for negative reputation in search engine

Moreover, we should never forget to compare prices. That it is the best way to identify sites that could be risky for consumers. Please keep this in mind when you shop online the next time!