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Actualizar la aplicación utilizada diariamente en una empresa es una actividad que un usuario —o tal vez el administrador— de la red empresarial decide realizar en algún momento para aprovechar las nuevas funcionalidades de la versión reciente de algún programa que seguramente mejorará la productividad, sin embargo, horas más tarde la red de la compañía […]

As-a-service models offer huge opportunities, but also complicate security. Sometimes the easiest way to migrate to a new architectural modelis to let others do the work, others who are experts in their field. This has given rise to many as-a-service models throughout the industry and across the entire technology stack, from software to infrastructure. While […]

Few ideas have done more to focus and clarify IT security strategy than the concept of a cyber attack chain. The attack chain was first described by Lockheed Martin analysts in a seminal 2011 paper. In a nutshell, the attack chain is a logical sequence used by most targeted and persistent attacks against enterprise information […]

This week, the Intel Security product community gathers in Las Vegas, Nevada for the McAfee FOCUS 14 conference and exhibition.  In past years, I’ve taken the opportunity to lay out our vision for the evolution of the McAfee product and solutions portfolio, and the integration of this portfolio within the Security Connected Framework. This year’s […]

Read our new blog series and uncover your chance to win big!  It’s a contest, and you can play:  We’ll be publishing a series of four blog posts over the next few weeks.  Each post will contain a hidden clue to help you solve the puzzle below.  Track all four clue words over the blog […]