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Advanced evasion techniques (AETs) have developed quite a reputation in the information security sector, given their ability to disguise advanced persistent threats (APTs) and stealthily siphon out data. Although AETs have been active security threats for quite some time, several misconceptions remain. In an effort to dig deeper into how these threats are passing through […]

Securing the network is a key part of McAfee’s SecurityConnected framework, however conventional firewalls and even many firewalls marketed as “next-generation,” are often ill-equipped to protect against emerging types of cyberattacks. It’s a complex topic, so over the next several weeks I’ll be sharing how McAfee is redefining network security with McAfee Next Generation Firewall(NGFW) […]

Security professionals and hackers descended upon Las Vegas to take part in Black Hat USA 2014and DefCon conferences, recent news of the massive cybercrime operation that leached $3.75 billion over a two-year period from the Brazilian Boleto payment network is sure to enter the conversation. In his blog, our own Gary Davis indicated that the […]