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The Mobile Malware Research Team of Intel Security has discovered in recent weeks a number of new threats in the Middle East. In May, we uncovered a spying campaign targeting cybersecurity professionals in Saudi Arabia. This week, the team exposed a strain of spyware targeting another specific group of mobile users: individuals with possible sympathies toward […]

Pokémon GO is a new mobile game that allows fans to “catch” Pokemons in the real world using augmented reality and their smartphones capabilities such as location technology and built-in cameras. The game was released on July 6 on both the Apple App Store and Google Play but only in Australia, New Zealand, and one day […]

Technology has become the personal assistant of our dreams, but also the crutch for our brains that we’ve grown increasingly reliant upon. There’s a seemingly unending supply of random information and factoids that you can glean from the web (did you know Scotland’s national animal is a unicorn?). We have information at our fingertips like […]

The popularity of Android devices and applications makes it a target for malware and other threats. This post is the second in a short series on Android application security. In the first article we discussed the basic android environment setup and penetration testing. In this post we will focus on some other tools and proxy […]

Certificate SSL pinning is an extra security layer in the SSL validation process for certificate authenticity. This process verifies that the certificate/key provided by the remote server exactly matches the one pinned on the client side. We have already discussed pinning in an earlier post. When an Android application uses SSL pinning, the user cannot […]